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The summer on fire smells of nature, mountain air and wild herbs. In summer the mountain world shows its true splendor. Warm and cozy in the mountain village. The large hiking area extends in lush green to the rocky mountain peaks. A diverse nature awaits you, cared for by our mountain farmers and their cows and goats. Recharge your batteries in the fresh air and be one with them  Become nature. In the Brandnertal there are easy and demanding hikes, mountain tours up to the mountain peaks and the Alps and huts to linger and enjoy.

Here you can see them  Summer panorama map "Brandnertal"

The Brandnertal also offers a lot of variety in summer. In addition to the hiking routes and mountain tours  across lush meadows and forests up to the alpine huts and  You can make the summit active every day and put together a nice weekly program.


In the climbing park in Brand, young and old have fun in the lofty heights of the giant fir trees. The golf club offers an 18-hole golf course in the middle of the mountains. Play on beautiful greens with family or friends in the fresh mountain air  - free of charge for children.   The Lünersee is the most popular destination in the Rätikon.  It goes with the mountain railway  at 2,000 meters. Once at the top you can  Hike in the middle of the mountains or enjoy the fresh air.  Experience in the animal adventure park  the animals of the Alps. Of the  Natural crack path  is an easy to walk path that leads to the beautiful mountain restaurant Frööd - accessible on foot and by train.

The CASALPIN chalets are in the middle of a fire. All leisure activities and all hiking trails can be reached on foot. The ideal starting point for your summer vacation.

Fire in summer:

Say " Servus" in the mountains.

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