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All guests (children and adults) in the Brandnertal receive a guest card each. This means that many interesting offers are available to our guests free of charge or at a reduced price.

How to get  do I have the guest card?

You have to register online for the guest card. You can find the access data (booking code and PIN code) for online check-in in your arrival email.

  The following information is provided for each guest (adults and children)  necessary:

First name, last name and date of birth

Hold  have this information ready and log in  a:

Click here for online check-in for the guest card

Where  do I get the guest card?

You get the guest card with your  Arrival of our guest advisor Ms. Geli Neuschmied (0664 4678847 ). The prerequisite is the online registration described above.

What do I do with the guest card?

You must always have the guest card with you. On the one hand it serves as an entry ticket, on the other hand for registration. Every guest, i.e. every child and every adult, can use the associated services.

What do I get with the guest card?

You can find the services of the guest card here:

" Your Brandertal Card "

Guest card folder in winter:

Leaf through the pages  online through the  Guest card offer  in the winter

Guest card folder in summer:

Flip through the online  Guest card offer  in summer

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