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The safety of our guests is important to us. We have considered many things in the planning to ensure a safe vacation. Nevertheless, we ask our guests to pay attention to a few things.



ATTENTION: The staircase in the house is made of wood and relatively slippery:  We recommend "non-slip slippers", especially for all children!

Leaning out of the window

Leaning out of the window is dangerous! Adults must make sure that their children do not lean out of the window under any circumstances.



We ask you to open and close the shutters properly. When the shutters are open, we ask you to lock them on the wall in order to avoid opening and closing in gusts of wind.

ice and snow

We try to keep the streets and paths free of snow in winter. Most of the time, this doesn't always work. We therefore ask you to walk and drive carefully on the paths and roads. The formation of ice on the sidewalks is particularly tricky. So please be careful  and careful.


First aid box

We have a first-aid box with plasters and bandages for small ailments. You can find it upstairs in the bathroom under the sink.  

Fire extinguisher

Each chalet is equipped with a fire extinguisher. You can find this one  in the storage room  on the veranda (outside) in front of your front door.  


Fire alarm

Fire alarms are installed in every chalet.

In the event of a false alarm, please contact our guest manager Ms. Geli Neuschmied (0664 4678847) and not the fire brigade!

Chalet E + F

The road bordering Chalets E + F is a private road. We are not allowed to enter, use or walk through them.  

Not even for loading or unloading luggage.

Please pay attention  our neighbours.

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