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Bed linen is available for all guests. Freshly made beds await you. Also fresh towels in the bathroom. Each guest has a hand towel and a bath towel at their disposal. The first occupancy is included in the price.

All guests who enjoy their holiday with us for more than a week will receive a fresh set of bed linen and towels for each guest at their disposal after one week.


Change of bed linen and towels

If you want to make the bed fresh, you will receive fresh bed linen and towels from us:

Costs per bed linen set and guest: 15.- Euro

Costs per bed linen set and guest: 10.- Euro  

Please contact your guest supervisor:
Geli Neuschmied
daily between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Phone 0664 4678847  

If Geli is currently unavailable,

will call her back immediately.

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