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Unfortunately, even the most beautiful vacation comes to an end. We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us and wish you a safe journey home.

Departure by 10 a.m.

The departure takes place on the day of departure by 10 a.m. We kindly ask you  Leaving chalets decent. We take care of cleaning, laundry and waste!


If you have any questions, please contact our guest advisor Ms. Geli Neuschmied: 0664 467 8847



If you broke something in one of the chalets during your vacation, please contact our guest advisor: 0664 467 8847 . Thanks very much!

Key return

Please hang up the keys behind the entrance door and pull the door shut. Thanks very much.

Early departure

You can also leave earlier. If you can no longer reach our guest manager, simply hang up the key behind the entrance door and close the door. If you would like to leave the day before, please send a short information to the guest manager: 0664 467 8847 . Unfortunately, we can no longer reimburse you for the unused overnight stay.


Thanks very much!

We are pleased that you were our guest and thank you very much for your stay.


Reserve your dream chalet

If you reserve early, you can  we yours  Guarantee your dream chalet.  Hope to see you again soon!

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